ten times table.jpg
Ten Times Table

Alan Ayckbourn

directed by
Lee Farley

Performed in The Village Hall
Thurs May 23rd to Sat May 25th 2002 at 7:30pm


Set in the "ballroom" of the Swan Hotel, a group from the Pendon community are trying to organise a town pageant based on a lost piece of local history, the massacre of the Pendon Twelve, where the Earl of Dorset crushed an uprising of rebellious workers, led by John Cockle. The committee comprises disparate characters with very different views of what the pageant should be and what it represents.

As the meetings progress, the group becomes ideologically divided with the left-wing side, led by a Marxist Polytechnic teacher, building it up as a political rally. The right-wing side of the committee formulating plans for a violent confrontation in response.

The pageant ends in chaos, broadly recreating the original event, leaving no-one better off especially when it turns out there is no historical authenticity to the Pendon Twelve Massacre.

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