Mother Goose.jpg
Mother Goose's Golden Christmas

David Wood

directed by
Andrew Howie

musical director
Philip Holland

choreography by
Phillippa Charlesworth

Performed in The Village Hall
Thurs Feb 25th to Sat Feb 27th 2004 at 7:30pm


This musical play bears little resemblance to the traditional tale of Mother Goose. It takes its inspiration from the books of nursery rhymes under the umbrella title “Mother Goose”, published over the last two centuries.

The setting is in fact a giant book, in which Mother Goose lives with her famous five ‘Little’ nursery rhyme characters.

The play opens with them preparing a surprise Christmas tree for her. It seems they are tired of always being called ‘Little’ and doing the same things (losing sheep, putting the kettle on etc.), so Mother Goose incorporates them all in a new story involving such characters as the Big Bad Wolf, the Bigger Badder Wolf, a Giant, and Miss Muffet’s Spider.

The main action centres on the capture and rescue of the Goose with the Golden Eggs. Helped to a certain extent by the permanently sleepy Fairy Lethargia, each of the ‘Little’ characters has his or her ‘big moment’ during the quest, and when it is all over they return home to the Book for a grand Christmas party.

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