Double Bill2.jpg
Something Unspoken
Tennessee Williams


World Premiere
Charles Mander

Performed in The Village Hall
Thurs May 26th to Sat May 28th 2005 at 7:30pm with interval supper


Something Unspoken was written as part of a double bill of one-act plays entitled Garden District. (The other one-act was Suddenly, Last Summer.)

The play tells the story of an older woman, Cornelia Scott, and her desire to be named president of a The Daughters of the Confederation. She's sitting at home making and getting calls from the saloon where the voting is taking place. She is attended by her secretary, Grace Lancaster, a 40 year old woman, in whose long-term relationship with Cornelia, there remains 'something unspoken', something that apparently happened long ago and which Grace always declines to talk about despite Cornelia's insistence. An awkward occasion between the two, that Cornelia periodically gets attacks of angst about as Grace won't say what she felt. The issue is dropped, unresolved, when Cornelia learns she hasn't beeen elected for anything and decides to quit the Club.

World Premiere is a fast-paced comedy about an amateur dramatic company gathering in a village hall for the technical rehearsal of a play written by their producer, Gordon. With the set having got waylayed and the director and half the cast, lost trying to find the venue, new recruit Val frantically tries to improvise. Matters though become increasingly frenetic, with the arrival of Gordon's dysomaniac wife and a host of other people who thought they had booked the village hall.

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