animal farm.jpg
Animal Farm

George Orwell

adapted by
Peter Hall

with music by
Adrian Mitchell

and lyrics by
Richard Peaslee

Performed in The Village Hall
Thurs Feb 25th to Sat Feb 27th 2010 at 7:30pm


The animals on Mr. Jones's farm, fed up with a life of servitude, instigate a rebellion and expel their master. Over time, however, the ideals of the revolution erode and are eventually discarded altogether because of the clever manipulation of the pigs, who ultimately assume their place alongside Man as two-legged tyrants.

A vigourous retelling of the classic "fairy story" by George Orwell, inspired as the author notes in the preface when 'One day, after my return from Spain, I saw a little boy driving a huge carthorse along a lane, and whipping him whenever it tried to turn. It struck me that if only such animals became aware of their strength, we should have no power over them --- '

Director Nigel Turner's notes:

George Orwell [1903-1950]. Real name Eric Blair. Born into a colonial family. Gained scholarship to Eton College [1917] - undistinguished academic career. First employment in colonial police service in Burma. Experiences confirmed in him a lifelong distrust of those who exercise power over their fellow man. Resigned in 1927, resolving to become a writer dedicated to cause of 'democratic socialism'. Early writings met with little success. However, his experiences fighting against Franco's fascist regime in the Spanish Civil War led to increasing disillusion with extreme politics of any persuasion. In 1943, started work on 'Animal Farm'. Its publication in 1945 brought him immediate and worldwide recognition, enhanced four years later by his final novel '1984'.
George Orwell died of tuberculosis in 1950, aged 46.

Sir Peter Hall [b 1930] is one of our foremost theatre directors. Bursting into prominence at the age of 25, with the first English production of Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot', he went on to found the RSC, becoming its first artistic director, then moved on to run the National Theatre, where he adapted 'Animal Farm' for the stage. He is still very active as a daring and innovative director of plays.

Adrian Mitchell [1932-2008]- poet, journalist, and playwright. A leading anti-establishment figure of the 1960s, deeply critical of US involvement in Vietnam. His poems are at their best when they are performed, his aim always being to arouse and sway his audience.

Richard Peaslee specialises in writing music for the theatre. He has composed notably for the National, for the RSC, and on Broadway, in plays classic and modern, as well as composing for musicals and for children's theatre.

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