The Allotment.jpg
The Allotment

Gillian Plowman

Performed on Walwyn Meadow - as part of the 2008 Colwall Festival
Jul 17th and 19th 2008 at 7:30pm


Four women are serving community punishment orders and are growing the vegetables for soup kitchens on an allotment. Marcie is convicted of dangerous driving; Norah, a serial shoplifter, hasn't recovered from the death of her daughter thirty years ago; Belle is convicted of blackmailing her boss and Lorna, an actress, is convicted of criminal damage to a theatre. It is the first morning for Daisy, the new probation officer, and she is brimming with new ideas for the women's rehabilitation. However, the tables are cleverly turned when a traumatic event in Daisy's past catches up with her, putting her on a par with the others.

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