Ring Round the Moon

Jean Anhouilh

adapted by
Christopher Fry

Performed in The Village Hall
Thurs May 24th to Sat May 26th 2007 at 7:30pm


The scene is a Grand Ball at the Chateau to celebrate the engagement of the very eligible Frederic and the hugely wealthy Diana. It's going to be a remarkable union of ancient privilege with new money.

However Frederic's brother Hugo (who happens to be his identical twin) smuggles an attractive dancer into the ball with the evident intention of seducing his brother's affections away from his fiancee; he is trying to sabotage the whole affair. Confusion obviouly ensues, but all is ultimately resolved "satisfactorily".

Jean Anouilh, arguably Europe's most popular post-World War II playwright, wrote the original version of Ring Round The Moon in 1947. He described the play as a 'piece brillante' - a play that glitters. It is poised between his plays 'noir' and 'rose'.

It was the play's strange, sparkling quality which attracted the director Peter Brook and the playwright Christopher Fry when they adapted it for the London stage in 1952, sub-titling it as a 'charade', perhaps to alert the audience keep their imaginations open to any possibility.

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