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Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays

Alan Ayckbourn

Performed in The Village Hall
Thurs Mar 1st to Sat Mar 3rd 2007 at 7:30pm


Suzy lives in a small cottage with her mother and her dog Neville - her father went up in a hot air balloon one day and never came back down. Except for missing Suzy's father they are all quite happy until the suave Mr Acousticus moves in to the mysterious house across from their cottage, and sweeps Mother off her feet. Suddenly Neville loses his bark, the birds stop singing and their neighbour Mr Passerby insists his operatic voice has been stolen.

Suzy and Neville bravely decide to search Mr Acousticus's house for a clue to the missing voices, and this is where the adventure really begins.

With the help of the audience, Suzy and Neville make their way through the house, to discover a room where they find the answer to the riddle of the missing sounds.

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