bedart - click for larger image(500k) Bedroom Farce

Alan Ayckbourn

Performed in The Village Hall
Thurs Oct 25th to Sat Oct 27th 2007 at 7:30pm


Ernest and Delia are going for their anniversary dinner, but Delia is concerned about their son Trevor and his wife, Susannah who are not getting on. The meal is a disaster and by the end of the first act, the couple is enjoying pilchards on toast in bed.

At Jan and Nick's house, Nick is lying incapacitated in bed and Jan is about to go to Malcolm and Kate's house-warming party, although Nick suspects Trevor's presence is also a factor.

At the party, where the bedroom is acting as a cloakroom, Trevor arrives - without Susannah, who arrives later in a distraught state. Susannah tells Kate she believes she revolts Trevor. He comes to see her and they end up fighting and ruin the party.

Susannah leaves in more of a state and Kate says Trevor can sleep over, much to Malcolm's annoyance. Susannah flees to Ernest and Delia, where Delia dishes out words of wisdom and Ernest is consigned to the spare room, while Susannah sleeps over with Delia.

Early the next morning, Susannah determines to call Trevor and discovers he's slept at Jan's. In a state, she manages to contact Trevor who has gone to Malcolm and Kate to apologise. They meet and are reconciled, but is anything likely to change?

It's easier to understand when you see it!

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