Annual Fish-and-Chip and Film evening - Feb 16th, Colwall Village Hall

Due to the programme change (above) this social event fell during the workshop period, but a goodly number turned out for the event. As usual, we started with the traditional Fish Supper, before viewing a film on the big screen in the Hall. This year, after the recent passing of Alan Rickman, Sue Jago suggested we view Galaxy Quest. This is a spoof Startrek/Star Wars/Dr Who film which though even more far-fetched was filmed with complete commitment and with some equally good special effects (for 2006). Probably a film that some of us agreed we probably wouldn't especially have gone to see if advertised at the cinema, but were glad that we had seen, being an enjoyable fun film to complete a very pleasant evening.

"Winter" Production

As a suitable piece or director could not be found for this slot, it was decided to hold a number of evening workshops through Jan and Feb. These were run by local practitioners and covered different aspect of stagecraft. They were aimed not only at members to improve their skills, but hopefully to maybe attract some new people to join the company. The sessions were all very interesting and instructive in their different ways. The "course" finished with an afternoon session of bringing it all together, which started with a make-up demonstration and then looked at the whys and wherefores of stage design followed by a demonstration of how lighting can change the mood and peoples appearance.

The Annual 12th Night Party - Colwall Village Hall

In a break from tradition, the Players annual bean-feast was not held on the Saturday nearest Twelfth Night, because it was decided to have a Burns Supper this year (on Sat 23rd Jan, being the closest to Burns birthday on Jan 25th). This was quite an ambitious undertaking as the committee decided the Players would do all the catering and the entertainment. The meal had all the traditional fare, complete with a tot of whisky. The haggis was piped in, as is the custom and was then addressed in the time honoured way, by Andy Howie, stabbing the great chieften o' the pudding race with considerable venom. After the meal Nigel Turner gave a rendition of Tae a Mouse and Iain Young did a couple of Scottish songs, before he then cajoled the attendees into doing a few Scottish country dances. Everyone had been encouraged to wear "something tartan" and with the room and table decorations arranged by members of the committee it was a very colourful and enjoyable evening. Thanks must go to Judy Roberson for the idea and her guiding hand over the proceedings and her band of helpers.


November Games Night

By way of a change the social secretary had decided we should have a quiet night in (out) this month. So we gathered at the Ale House and had an evening of traditional board and card games plus one or two popularised in more recent years. Prior to this brain-challenging activity we indulged in a plate of fish and chips (with mushy peas) brought hot foot from Ledbury. It was quite a cold night out, but we were cosy inside and the evening made a pleasant early reminder of forthcoming Christmas fun and games.

October Production - Role Play - Colwall Village Hall

October saw the presentation of Role Play by Alan Ayckbourn. Part of the Damsels in Distress trilogy, it stands on its own as an evening's entertainment. Directed by Andy Howie, it had a strong cast of mainly Colwall stalwarts, including the ever youthful and agile Anna Byers, who had to contend with some uncomfortable scaling of the set. The show attracted good audiences and critical acclaim. Once again we performed a special "preview" for the Colwall Rotarians, which always provides a good boost to the cast's confidence prior to the public performances. As usual there was a bit of a cast party in the village hall after the last performance.

Autumn Social Event

This was a visit to Maisemore to see the severn bore, which was predicted to be a 5* event. Following a nice meal at the White Hart, we wandered across the road to get in the best position to see the bore. Its arrival was about 15 mins late, but was quite impressive when it did come, accompanied by a couple of canoeists and some surfers, the latter being somewhat displeased by our torches shone in their eyes as we tried to get a better view of the bore. The phenomenon made quite a roar as it passed and it was interesting to see the river continuing to "flow upstream" after the bore had passed. Another fun evening out.