Young Colwall Players

NB There are no pictures of YCP shows on this site as part of our policy to prevent inappropriate use of visual images of young children involved in our productions

Soon after Colwall Players was inaugurated in 1987, it was decided that there should be some drama provision for the youth of the village. As a result, in 1988, Steve Hockett and Angela Meredith began Saturday morning workshops for youngsters aged 7 to 14. Trish Hockett soon joined the team of leaders and the YCP went from strength to strength.

Using games and activities, the drama skills of the group flourished and they were soon being included in the plans for productions.

The first production using a large juvenile cast was "Wind in the Willows" in 1991, followed by "Our Day Out", later that year, using YCP in lead roles. A production of "Bugsy Malone" in 1997, used entirely YCP in the cast with a large team of adults providing the technical back-up.

Since 1991 the February production has traditionally been something that stars the YCP and YCP members have appeared in other productions as required. The group also performs at other village events, in their own right.

During 2007, after twenty years of fun and laughter with YCP, Angela and Trish decided it was time to hand over the reins and bring some new ideas to YCP through a new team of leaders.

In September of that year, a team of four agreed to take on the YCP: Alice Eden, Alison Reeves, Geoff Mills and Joy Gauci. Between them, they had experience in teaching, directing, performing and writing. They all lived in or near Colwall and most of them had children involved in the group.

Saturday sessions from September to December took place, where about 16 children aged between 7 and 14 learnt to use their movements, voices and expressions in a variety of activities. A short display was put on in December mainly for the benefit of parents.

From January to March 2008, the YCP were involved in rehearsing a play written by Alice and set in the village itself, The Only Way Is Up. This was accompanied by two short performances lead by Geoff, The Glass Box and a surreal fashion show. This showcase was performed to a packed village hall on March 1st and was enjoyed both by the audience and the performers.

Subsequently the group worked towards an afternoon performance of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes which was part of the CP 21st anniversary celebrations in June. The autumn term activities of 2009 and into 2010 were focused on the group's input to the CP Feb main-stage production of Animal Farm.

Later in 2010 there was another change of leadership and also a move to an early evening slot. The group was led for a while by Lee Card (Year 6 teacher at the Colwall Primary School) and Melanie Horton, meeting from 4:45 to 5:45 on a Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, since the Sept 2011 Lee changed schools and another leader for YCP could not be found, so currently it does not meet regularly.

After a long period of dormancy, a Young Colwall Players group has been re-established. This is for a trial period and is being run in conjunction with Perfect Circle Theatre Group. The group meets on Thursday evenings from 6pm to 7:30pm in Colwall Village Hall, where through organised games they will fun and learn theatre skills. On Monday October 31st there will be auditions for production of modern version of the Cinderella to be performed in February and it is hoped many of the YCP will want to audition to be part of this. (Attendance at the YCP sessions is though not a pre-requisite to auditioning.) Details of parts available will be available neare the time.

For more details on YCP and Cinderella contact Claire from Perfect Circle theatre company Also see the link to their web page on our links page.